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Payback on the greenskins

Bretonnia vs. Orcs

Location: FUSK
Date played: den 14 februari 2011

For this one i had mounted my profetess to make her more mobile in support.

Bretonnia Lv 3/Life:
* Flesh to stone
* Throne of wines
* Regrowth

Goblin Lv2:
* Brain bursta
* Gorc'll fix it

orc Lv 1:
* Fists of Gorc

General: Moritz

  (MaA) 39 Men At Arms

  (T) Trebuchet

  Pesant Archers:
  (A) 20 Archers

  (P) Profetess

  Knights of the Realm:
  (KotR) 12 Knights of the Realm

  Knights Errant:
  (KE) 12 Knight Errant

General: Moffe

  Black orcs:
  (BO) 14 Black orcs

  (NG) 30 Night Goblins

  (OB) 20 orc Boyz

  (WR) 5 Wolf Riders

  (SO) 5 Savage orcs

  (DD) Doom Diver


I prayed to the lady and this is how it all went away.

I wanted to protect my trebuchet and try to overrun him on the left flank and jst hold the center. Simple task, don't ya think :)

Lords and heroes
Profetess - general, in the MaA
Paladin, BSB with the KE
Paladin, with the KotR

Savage orcs  Warboss boar with the Savage orcs
orc BSB, with the BO
Goblin Shaman, with the NG
orc Shaman, with the Boyz

Wolfriders vanguard move on my right flank.

Turn 1 - orcs
orcs moving up.

Profetess bless the pesant with Prayer icon of Quenelles (blessing of the lady on the MaA)
My archers get the orc curse of Gorc'll fix it (all 6 on dice rolls is 1, means they will only hit on 5's at long range) Shaman hits the double 6 and loses the spell

Missfire on the Doom Diver, nothing bad, he gets to shoot again next turn.
Wolf Riders shoot at MaA, one casulty

Turn 1 - Bretonnia
Profetess gets in the middle

Profetess gets a Total Power on the Throne of Vines and a double 6 in the misscast table.... then another 6 on the D3 levels she lost.
Great a Lv0 ... but she still has teh ruby ring of ruin.

Archers shoots at the Wolf Riders, on kill
Trebuchet makes a direct hit on the Black orcs, 8 dead. They pass the panic test

Turn 2 - orcs
Failed charge by the Savage orcs (19")

Im confused by the laid back orcs movement but im thinking hes a clever one...

MaA is struck by the Brain Bursta and takes 3 casulties

The Doom Diver shoots short at the MaA

Turn 2 - Bretonnia
A double charge by the knight onto the orc Boyz. This causes the NG to throw two fanatics at the KE killing 6 of them and dies due to a low hanging branch.
To my horror these two fanatics is now right in the path of my KotR and that means 4D6 hits with S5/-3 save. It ends up with 14 hits and 13 (!) saves and blessings and killing the fanatics :)

The profetess makes roasted vargs of the wolf riders with a blast from the Ruby ring.

The archers shoot at the Black orcs and its making them laugh...
The Trebuchet on the other hand rolls another hit, this time on the Savage orcs and they suffer two wounds.

The KE and KotR makes short worc of the orc Boyz and they break and flee. KE pursues and KotR Reforms.

Turn 3 - orcs
Wolf riders runs off .
Night goblins moves into the forrest, wich in a Blood Forrest. (hurts everyone that cast in or gets casted on in the forrest)
Black orcs fails charge and ones more the Savage orcs fail thier charge with a outstandingly bad roll.

The gobbo is afffraid of the forrest on makes nothing.

Another missfire from the Doom Diver , can shoot next turn.

Turn 3 - Bretonnia
The LOS for my KotR is by the thinest hair in the rear on the NG so they chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge.
Night gobblins flee to force a Dangerous Terrain test on my knights. But he rolls incredibly bad and the KotR destroys them to the last gobbo.

Profetess fires of a total power with the Ruby Ring and hits gives the Black orcs 5 wounds, leaving only the BSB and a lone champion.

The Archers fires again on the two remaining Black orcs and the champion falls.
Teh trebuchet gives the Savage orcs a good spanking and sends two of them to he ground with a large stone (hit 3 out of 3!)

Turn 4 - orcs
This time it dont comes as a suprise...

The Black orcs moves up and charges the Archers from 4,5 inchs to they turn him into a hedgehog.
The Savage orcs fails the chagre again !!! must be some lazy pigs they got for mounts.

The Doom Diver finaly hits target and the Profetess get one wound

Turn 4 - Bretonnia
Charge from KotR and MaA.
The KotR fails.

MaA kills the champion and the warboss is broken by combat resolution and the MaA pursues and kills him.


Silly dices on the orc side, i can only feel sorry for him as it turned out quite unfair.

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