fredag 4 februari 2011

For the Lady

Finaly started up the Bretonnians and after some initial frustration i have decided to use fewer colorschemes than Bretonnia are used to have.

I have decided to make all heraldry on shield similar with a homemade mold.

It will be yellow/black and red/yellow for pesant, errant BSB and the Lord

KoTR will be one unit with red on white inspired by Templars and one unit with black on white inspired by the teutonic order.

Pegasus knights will be inspired by the hospitaler with white on black.

Individuall heraldry on the Questing knights and a multicolor on the Grail knights.

As a fun side of it i will try to make a representant of every familymember. So my 2 year old will be a paige to myself on a royal pegas :)
The 5 year old will be a charging KoTR, the 7 year old will be my BSB (Respannse) and the teenager will be a damsel on a pegas. Lucrezzia from DoW to represent my wife :)
Hopefully it can be made, we will see i guess :)

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