fredag 4 februari 2011

Preparation for Fancy Fanatic

Battle Report Orks vs Bretonnia 1500 points

My first real try with an unknown opponent.
1500p and some restrictions for an upcoming event.

Each map is a thumbnail, there is a larger version ^^

I hope it makes scense...

Bretonnia vs. Orks

Location: FUSK
Date played: den 3 februari 2011

General: Moritz
Knights of the Realm 11 KotR, FC + Lord
Knights Errant 11 KE, FC + BSB
40 Men At Arms, FC + lvl 3 Profetess
20 Archers, Mu

General: Mr D
War boss on wywern
Black Orks 20, Mu, Ba + lvl 2 Ork shaman
Chariot #1
Chariot #2
Goblins 40, FC
Troll 1
Orks 30+, FC + BSB


Turn 1 - Orks

Orks moving to the ruins
Troll, Chariots and Wywern moving forward
Black orks goes into the poisionus forrest and loses 3 due to Dangerous Terrain test
Goblins marching into the forrest as well and loses one

Magic - A stomp on the trebuchet takes out 2 crew.

Turn 1 - Bretonnia
Knight Errant forms up to counter charge anything that makes it to the MaA

Shooting - Poor, no hits from the Archers and the Trebuchet misses by far (direction and 10")

Magic - Fails on a 'certain' heal on the trebuchet, end :(

 Turn 2 - Orks

Holy crap the move forward like a green tide and in a blick of a eye they are set up for a charge! 

Orks gets 6" on the waaargh and charge the KotR
Chariot charge the KotR 
Black orks moves 6" on the waaargh and charge the MaA , they loose 5 in DT-test
Gobbos moves 2" on the waaargh and fail the charge towards MaA, they loose 6 in DT-test

Magic - Another stomp on my Trebuchet and another pesant turns into goo

Close combat - 
Black orks hit the MaA hard and the Profetess is killed outright.... Stedfast so they hold, but that wasent good
KotR is beaten by 2 but holds

 Turn 2 - Bretonnia

 Charge by KE into the flank of the Black orks.

Trebuchet takes aim on the wywern but misses and it scatters into the orks, 5 wounds
Archers fail to do anything

Close Combat
BSB drinking potion of follhardiness and 2 heroic pesants put the shaman before the halibards :)
A massive loss for the Black orks and they break and flee, KE pursuits into the wood and kills them all, taking 2 wounds in DT-test though.
MaA stays put and combat reform to face the left flank.
The Goblins fails the panic test  and flees 
KotR and orks clashes and KotR looses by 2 and FAILS the double roll and flees of the tableedge with my Lord.... argh ! 

Combat reform on the orks and chariot

Turn 3 - Orks
Goblins makes the rout test and reforms

Wywern, chariot and troll into my MaA (this is gona huuuurt)
Chariot in the flank of my KE
Bad for the greenskins is that the big unit of Orks cant make a charge in the rear of my KE, it's not room enough (!) bohoo :)

Close Combat - 
The boss, troll and chariot makes minsed meat out of the MaA and they flee
The chariot pursues into my treb and kills the last pesant
The troll fails to reach the MaA
The wywern rolls 4 (!) and gets to a halt in the middle of nowere,

KE breaks the chariot and combat reform and looses 2 wound in DT-test

Turn 3 - Bretonnia
 Archers fail to rally and make their way home...

Charges -
KE charges the wywern in the rear and breaks him. They overrun into the chariot that also breaks and the combat reform to face the orks.

Turn 4 - Orks

The troll found a mushroom down the trail and is content... (failed stupidity test, stops 1" from the edge)

The orks and goblins charge and the proud KE is utterly destroyed...


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  1. Cool battle report! It's fun to read about your own battle from the opponent's perspective :)

    Small correction, I was running 40 gobbos, 30 orcs and 20 black orcs. :)

  2. Check, it was just a lot of green and big black funky armed .... err thingys.

    I'll make it correctomundo asap